Many people these days, children, adults, or elders, are greatly looking for an effective and safe herbal medicine for cold. This situation is mostly evident especially between the months of November through March winter period.  One of the reasons for that continuing search for an efficient herbal medicine for cold is the fact that once you have gotten a cold or even flu, the herbal remedies and vitamins may be able to lessen the symptoms or in fact shorten the time frame you have it.

However, it is important to know that the herbal medicine for cold does not really cure such conditions.  The herbal medicine for cold is just there to provide us with some relief but not to totally cure it.  But still, some considered herbal medicine for cold is there on the market to help us in strengthening our immune system, so to prevent the onset of cold. Among those are mentioned below.

There are basically two forms of widely known herbal medicine for cold, and these are the astragalus and schisandra.  Many experts have noted that to better get a good result, begin using these forms of herbal medicine for cold and flu before such illnesses strike to take advantage of their immune-building potential.

In particular, the astragalus has been shown to enhance nearly every phase of immune-system activity.  One of the scientific studies demonstrated that long term use of this herbal medicine for cold sharpened the immune cell activity ranging from the speed with which the immune cells make up to the speed with which they travel in the body.  Aside from that, another support for this herbal medicine for cold showed that astragalus has the potential to increase the production as well as the storage of interferon, which is an essential substance that strengthens the body to invading bacteria and viruses.  It is then noted that this herbal medicine for cold stimulate cells to start their defense against these invaders and then increase the interferon’s effects in fighting the common cold.

In terms of schisandra, as another well-known herbal medicine for cold, it is interesting to know that this herb is a vining shrub that is indigenous to China.  Traditionally, its berries are applied in the Chinese medicine to promote the production of fluids in the body as well as to control coughing, to enhance the resistance level of the body to a wide spectrum of adverse biological, physical, and chemical effects, and also to aid the body in handling stress.  And along with that, this herbal medicine for cold is also applied to correct mild digestive malfunctions and to stop diarrhea.

Due to its proven effectiveness, these two mentioned herbal medicines for the treatment of cold are now widely offered in many health food outlets.  The dosages of any of them just depend upon a person’s size, age, and specific conditions.  So, it is necessary to consult with a doctor for proper information.