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Our bodies are beautifully and wonderfully made by God, and one of the wonderful things that our bodies could do is heal itself. We need intervention from time to time but the body, when treated right has the ability to correct itself.

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The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Cold

A patient at the first 3 days of her cold had symptoms like stuffy nose, burning congestion, sore throat, scratchy voice, continuous cough… she knew according to her experience that her symptoms would get worst and last for at least 3 weeks if not more even with antibiotics and medication.
Within 2 acupuncture sessions most of her symptoms subsided and she was able to feel her normal self. She was happy to get back to her productive lifestyle this quick!

Facial Palsy The patient in his 50’s was unable to move one
side of his mouth. After the first treatment, he felt
significantly better control of the mouth and surrounding
facial muscles. After the 6th treatment, he no longer showed
signs of any palsy at all.

Lower Back Pain The patient came to Audubon Acupuncture
& Herbs for lower back pain, while treating him, we found
that he also had neck discomforts, kidney infection, heart
problems, etc. We offered complete treatment and health
maintenance. He is happy that we are the one stop shop for
all his problems whether he knew he had or not.

Depression, Or Not? A middle age lady had been a dependent of prozac for years and she still would experience major mood swings. We found that she did not have depression but rather other imbalances that was causing her mood problems. We prescribed custom herbals and within 2 weeks she was able to feel normal and then stay off the antidepressants completely.

Bloating / Weight Loss The patient looked obviously bloated
and he thought he had a weight problem and spent a lot of
money on weight loss programs. With our first treatment, his
belly shrunk about 3 sizes and he felt a lot more balanced.
Then he came a few more times to get all of the bloating off.

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Alcoholic Addiction & Recovery The patient in her 20’s had
been unable to stay sober without extreme withdrawal
symptoms. Even with shots given from the recovery center,
she was shaking uncontrollably every morning if she didn’t
drink. With 4 acupuncture treatments and 10 days of herbal
therapy, her withdrawal symptoms subsided and she did not
have the urge to drink anymore.

Shoulder Pain Young teenage girl had shoulder
pain for years and her regular doctor told her to stay away
from many activities in order to prevent damages of tissues.
She was discouraged to run, play ball, and do things her
classmates and friends would do. Coming to Audubon
Acupuncture & Herbs, we gave her a few treatments and now
she is pain free and can enjoy many activities again.

Cough & Allergy Patient had been coughing uncontrollably
for nearly 3 months and was on heavy strength prescription /
drowsy allergy medicines. She was unable to talk a complete
sentence without having to cough and she and her family
were not able to sleep peacefully. With our first treatment,
she was able to get most of the coughing under control, and
by the 3rd treatment her coughing stopped.

Avoid Knee Surgery The senior patient had great knee pain
and no strength on her legs. She could not walk any
elevations like stairs, ramps, get in the bathtub, or lift the leg
into the car. As she finished the first treatment, she walked
out of our clinic and got into her car without even noticing
that she did not need help to lift her leg in.

Wry Neck The taxi driver patient had frequent stiff neck for
years and was unable to turn his neck to look at surrounding
traffics while driving. He would either loss income by not
driving or put himself or his passengers in danger because of
it. Luckily he found us and we were able to help him ease the
pain and regain motion within the first treatment. We treated
him a few more times to help him improve his posture,
lifestyle, and other problems that was leading to the neck

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