Home Remedies For Bruxism

Bruxism or teeth grinding is one of most damaging forms of dental disorders. This condition is usually difficult to detect in the early stages as the patient is completely oblivious of this habit. It leads to clenching and grinding of the teeth along with extreme jaw movements.

You can suffer facial pain due to the clenching – clamping the top and bottom teeth together. This stressful act puts pressure on the muscles, tissues and the areas around the jaw. It can lead to serious problems like jaw joint disorders, jaw pain, headaches, earaches, damaged teeth and many others.

This continuous form of grinding damages the teeth completely. This condition is very common among children but it is not only restricted to them. It is a very common problem among people with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. The teeth clenching and teeth grinding may lead to Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ).

Home Remedies for Bruxism

Before retiring to bed you can chew on an apple, cauliflower or carrot. This will calm your overactive mouth and prevent grinding. To relax your jaw muscles use a warm washcloth around the sides of your face. Continue doing this for sometime. This will relax the clenched muscles that cause head pain. Do it before bedtime to benefit more.

Be relaxed and avoid stress by taking warm baths and massages.

Massage your neck muscles, shoulders and face to relax peacefully. Stress relieving exercises should help you unwind. Squeeze a tennis ball; it may come in handy to get rid of the stress.

Sleeping on your side or your stomach may increase your chances of bruxism.

The best position to sleep is on your back to reduce the stress. Use contoured pillow if you can’t sleep on your back. Place the contoured pillow under you face and the ordinary pillow between your arms. Sleeping in this position reduces the strain on your jaw and neck and prevents you from rolling over onto your face.

Avoid consumption of alcohol as it inadvertently affects your sleep and increases the movement of your jaw which causes clenching. Cut down on caffeine and carbohydrates like candy and pastries.

Try acupressure, it may help you relax for a good night sleep thus avoiding any incidents of teeth clenching or grinding.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

Is Your Summer A Breeze Or A Sneeze? Tips For Coping With Allergies

While the hazy days of summer are a delight to some, for others they bring weeks of relentless sneezes, sniffles and sore eyes. Hayfever can drive those allergic to pollen crazy as symptoms build day after day with little respite. Here’s a look at summer’s most common allergy affliction and what its streaming victims can do to get some relief.

What is an allergic reaction?

Allergies kick in when our immune system reacts to what it perceives as a threat. In response it produces histamine in abundance. In the case of hay fever, the allergic reaction occurs when pollen particles come into contact with the lining of the nose. The immune system detects a threat and goes all out to wash it out the way it came. As soon as pollen is airborne the hyper-vigilant immune system in question sends out a decree to “let the streaming commence.”

Why summer?

Hay fever symptoms arise during the summer months because this is the time when pollen and spores are airborne. Rainy days can give relief as pollen and spores are washed to the ground and held captive in a damp environment before things dry up and they get to float around again. Some hay fever sufferers find that their symptoms persist after the typical pollen season is over. Irritants like tobacco smoke, perfume and fluctuating temperatures can aggravate an already sensitive system and lead to continued irritation.

Barrier Methods

One natural method for dealing with allergies is to use a natural and inert oil like coconut, or almond oil, to protect the lining of the nose from direct contact with pollen or other airborne allergens. For itching eyes, Ayurveda (the traditional Indian system of natural medicine) has a simple kitchen remedy. Soak a tablespoonful of coriander seeds in a cup of boiling water, cover and leave to cool. Once completely cool, dip a sterile gauze pad in the liquid and then lay back with it resting on your closed eyes.

The Stress Factor Hay fever loves heat.

Be it the weather, or our internal thermostat, symptoms thrive when we’re running too hot. While it’s not easy to keep cool, calm, and collected when everything is itching and irritated, stress is only going to make it worse. Some sufferers find retreating to a cool showing or swimming pool gives a spell of relaxation and relief from relentless sneezing.

Immune Negotiations

If an immune system is responding to a “perceived” threat that is in reality harmless, one measure we can take to get some relief is to try and convince it that all is OK with the allergen in question.

Give yourself a Helping Hand

EFT is self-help acupressure technique that can settle the immune system and keep stress levels down. If you’re sick of sneezing and reluctant to hoard up on antihistamines for the next 3 months, EFT May be just what you need to get relaxed and stop the sneezes.

Holistic Pain Relief Methods: Never Outdated

These days, a growing number of people who suffer from chronic pain are seeking out a holistic approach to managing their discomfort. There are a lot of holistic pain relief methods without relying on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, narcotics, tranquilizers, or anti-depressants.

Holistic health focuses on the principle that human potentials unfold to be actualized as total beings functioning at their best. It operates on the human desire for vitality, enthusiasm and fulfilling and satisfying life. Holistic health addresses not only the physical aspect but also aims to establish balance within the self at all levels, the body, mind, and spirit, as well as achieve harmony with the environment. Holistic health is an approach that affects one’s lifestyle, relationships, and social interaction. Holistic health also encompasses the management and elimination of stress.

Some studies, including a small well-conducted trial, have reported relief from pelvic pain after acupuncture or acupressure, a technique that applies small pins or pressure to specific points on the body. It is believed to work by exciting nerve receptors in those locations that interact with pain blockers in the brain. Some women report relief with reflexology, an acupressure technique that uses manual pressure on the body’s vital points located in the ears, hands, and feet.

These Chinese holistic pain relief methods are based in the belief that health is determined by the level of chi (vital life energy) that is inside the body. This energy is thought to move through pathways called meridians, which connect to specific organs in the body. People use different terms when describing systems and methods used in the scope of holistic medicine. The most popular among the terminologies are alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and natural healing, all of which use procedures that are non-invasive.

Another important part of traditional Chinese medicine is herbal medicine. Herbs have been used for centuries for their holistic pain relief qualities. Chinese herbal medicine or CHM has been used for many centuries in China. It has been used in public schools to treat unexplained cramps as a menstrual pain relief.

A study conducted by Cochrane researchers found evidence that CHM may provide a possible treatment for pain relief. Experts believe the pain relief the herbs provide may stem from their influence on hormones and micro-circulation hemorrheology, but they have not found conclusive evidence of their exact pain-relieving mechanism.

Yoga and meditative techniques that promote relaxation may also be helpful for pain relief. Meditation is also another popular choice for a lot of people for a holistic pain relief method. It has also been practiced for thousands of years. It is a conscious attempt to calm the mind so that it is not cluttered with thoughts and anxieties that might be contributing to an unnecessary belief in the existence of pain.

There are hundreds of different meditation techniques, but mostly they all into three categories: concentrative, mindful and transcendental meditation. Aromatherapy, at its best works to heal the body and mind, healing it from various illnesses, as well as working as a stress reliever to prevent illness.

Aromatherapy has been used over the years by Egyptians, Indians, Europeans, Germans, France, etc. The oils have proven to assist in relaxing the body and mind, and were used as a medicinal remedy. Applying essential oils is thought to change an individual’s brain chemistry so that pleasurable neuro-transmitters called endorphins are released to relieve pain. Geranium, jasmine, juniper, lavender, peppermint, rose, rosemary and thyme are oils commonly used for this purpose.

For many people, particularly those in the western world, holistic pain relief solutions such as acupuncture, and herbal medicines are novel concepts. However, the rest of the world is probably wondering what the fuss is about, because these traditional approaches to holistic pain relief have been around for thousands of years and are still widely accepted until today.

What Kind of Massage is Right for You?

Massage feels sinfully good, doesn’t it? The truth is, massage is one of the best things you can do for yourself; especially during times of change such as menopause. This soothing therapy has been shown to lower blood press, reduce muscle pain, improve joint flexibility and alleviate headaches, just to name a few of its healing powers.

Most people think of massage in terms of muscle aches, but it’s much more than that. It increases blood flow to your muscles, tissue and every cell in your body which brings oxygen and nutrients to these critical areas. It also stimulates lymphatic flow, improving tissue drainage and the immune system.

Here are some of the different strokes you have to choose from:


An ancient Chinese technique involves the therapist using his fingers to press key points on the skin to release muscle tension and promote circulation and energy flow. Acupuncture and acupressure use the same points, but acupuncture involves needles. The pressure restores balance to the body and treats ailments such as headaches, menstrual cramps and constipation.

Swedish Massage

This is probably the most common form of massage in the US. Its main goal is relaxation and improved circulation. The therapist applies oil to the skin and uses flowing strokes and kneading movements to relieve tension from the muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage is more vigorous and uses various styles to loosen the muscles. It helps break patterns of tension, relieves chronic pain, including inflammation-related pain such as tendonitis and improves range of motion.


Shiatsu is Japanese for “finger pressure.” This technique is similar to acupressure where the practitioner uses their finger, thumb, palm, elbow, knee (and sometimes even walk on you) to put pressure on acupuncture healing points. This unblocks the flow of energy and encourages blood and lymphatic flow. It also promotes relaxation and strengthens the body against disease and restores balance.

Sports Massage

This treatment incorporates several massage techniques which is great for athletes. It keeps the body flexible, increases performance and assists in rehabilitation from an injury. Hot Stone Therapy During this therapy, heated stones are placed strategically on the body which dilates blood vessels and gets blood and oxygen flowing into tense areas. It can feel like a body “rush.” The soothing heat can also prepare the body for deep-tissue work as well as alleviate PMS symptoms.

Aromatherapy Massage

The therapist incorporates essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers and roots into the massage. They select the proper oils based on a particular physical condition and blend them into a massage oil or lotion. The end result is a relaxing massage tailored to your individual needs.


This therapy is an Eastern method meaning “universal life energy.” It brings healing energy to the organs and glands in order to bring the body back into balance and help prevent disease. The massage practitioner places their hands on or just above the body to realign chakras and dissolve toxic substances from your physical and emotional being. People often feel warmth or tingling sensations during Reiki.

Pregnancy Massage

This massage focuses on a pregnant woman’s needs including swollen hands and feet, stress on weight-bearing joints, exhaustion and lower back pain. And of course the practitioner positions you to accommodate your baby bump.

Craniosacral Therapy

This therapy involves the Craniosacral system which extends from the skull to the bottom of the spine and consists of the brain, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid and surrounding membranes. The practitioner uses a light touch to restore cerebrospinal fluid movement. This can help treat such conditions as headaches, eye and ear problems as well as whiplash and back pain.

5 Amazing Tips To Help You Stop Snoring

Don’t you hate it when you have a bedmate that snores while sleeping? Or, you’re the one who snores and your bedmate can’t stand it? Either way, try these amazing tips. Soon you’ll stop snoring and everyone can sleep peacefully all through the night.

• Pick a Pillow or Two The more air that gets through, the less likely the person is to snore.

Some try it by lying on their side and putting some pillows under the head. This will not only make sleeping more comfortable, but also make it snore-free. Simply experiment with a number of pillows and adjust until the snore lessens or even stops. There are also special pillows you can purchase. They create a contour under the neck of the person who snores. This contour works by opening up the throat. In general, they are designed to aid the snoring problem regardless of which position the snorer sleeps in. Yet, these pillows These can be quite costly so you’d better do a full research before deciding to buy one.

• Get Some Nose Strips Not only these strips are effective for many people, they are also inexpensive.

No need to apply the strips during the day. You simply wear them when you go to sleep. When applied, the strips help opening the nostrils. The idea is that when the nose is held open the person it is applied to will not snore because they are able to breathe without obstruction.

• Sing Your Favorite Songs Yes, apparently singing can help you stop snoring.

When you sing you are exercising the muscles of your throats. You use those muscles each day while talking but they get a more extensive work out when you sing. These are the same muscles used when a person snores. If those muscles weaken a bit you might be more prone to snoring. Isn’t it nice to stop snoring with something you might enjoy?

• Acupressure Acupressure is known as an alternative way to healing.

And, it also can help you who have snoring problem. The key is in the pressure on your little finger. By applying pressure to your little finger, the mechanisms that cause snoring aren’t triggered. Or, you can visit some experts of the art of acupressure. They might likely apply pressure to certain parts of your body to help you stop snoring. Another choice is to wear a device that produces pressure on your little finger throughout the night.

• No Sleeping Pills No matter how bad your snoring problem is, make sure you don’t use any pills at all.

The aim of the pills is not to help you stop snoring. They only help you to get relaxed. The best way is to find the cause of your snoring problem and try one of the above tips.

How Come Acupuncture / Acupressure Brings Perfect Results For All?

Acupuncture is the gentle insertion of extremely fine needles at specific points of the body. The theory behind acupuncture is that there are two thousand energy points on the body that are connected by twenty pathways [meridians] running throughout the length of the body. These pathways conduct flow of energy called “qi” or “chi”, meaning life force. Blockage of energy in any of these points can cause pain in the body.

Acupuncture serves to clear any type of energy blockage in any of the pathways and thus reduce pain effectively. Treatments offered by acupuncture schools All the diseases prevalent in human body are the result of energy blockage in the pathways. So when these blockage points are removed, automatically you will be cured from all types of diseases.

During an acupuncture treatment session performed by the acupuncture schools, almost one to twenty metallic needles are inserted into the body. While some of the needles rest on the surface of the skin, the others are inserted from one to several inches into the layers of fats. The needles are kept there in resting position for at least twenty to thirty minutes.

The acupuncturists to enhance the reduction in energy blockage often keep jiggling the needles. In certain instances like treating high blood pressure with acupuncture, electrified needles are used for fast and better cure. Often the practitioners also use an amount of burned herbs at the end of the needle to encourage negative energy to leave the body along with the smoke.

Acupuncture treatments for back pain, shoulder and neck pain

Atlanta schools of acupuncture follow some rigorous acupuncture techniques that promise sure results for all types of diseases. Back pain is a disease that can range from dull ache to a constant sharp pain that leaves people irritated. Even neck and shoulder pains can be equally disgusting as they continue to be acute and stop all your normal activities.

Acupressure is a wonderful remedy for back pain, neck and shoulder pain

The practitioner presses some acute points near the meridians of the body with the thumbs and fingertips to reduce pain. With the applied pressure the blocked energy starts flowing and all pains are reduced. Atlanta acupuncture for spinal injury is also effective as the blocked “chi” or energy in spinal chords gets released with application of acupressure and pains related to spinal injuries gets cured instantly.

Acupuncture treatments for smoking and skin diseases

Atlanta for stop-quit smoking is also effective, as permanent smokers have known to cease smoking completely with acupuncture. The treatment involves insertion of five needles into the ear [particularly in the cartilage and not in the ear canal] and a few on the hands and wrists. It also involves applying a mixture of oil of cloves and wintergreen extracts of Evodia fruits and Sichuan lovage rhizomes to quit smoking faster.

Acupuncture for acne, psoriasis and allergies are an effective treatment, as it reduces the diseases instantly. All these infections are autoimmune systems that occur due to inflammations in the blood vessels. So when the acupressure needles are pricked onto the skin, they are also manipulated through hands by rubbing the acupressure points or the ends of the needles are electrified to produce instant results.