Detox Tea Promo – Hurricane Prep

Hurricane season is here and the evacuation drill is not new to New Orleanians. Have you or know someone who experienced challenges to access health care and medications during a storm?

Think about the stress, uncertainty, high traffic, low supplies in the stores, kids not being in school, new environment, strangers, and with all that going on there’s not a relief for headaches, elevated blood pressure, back pains, urinary track infections that cause the person to go to the bathroom every 30 mins… Plus anything else you never had a problem with until then.

Come get acupuncture treatments before you have to experience any of the above. Our treatments have been proven to clients with immediate relief and long lasting effects, and in some cases they are able to decrease or stop medications.

We are specialized in treating Chronic Pain, Disc Problems, Smoking Cessation, Bell’s Palsy, Depression,
Weight Loss, Allergy, Insomnia & Alcoholic Addiction.

We accept cash, credit card, gift cards, VA Choice, Workmen’s Comp, and Auto No Fault Insurance.

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Detox Tea Promo – Schools Are In Session


(Expires on 9/15/2018)

Share, so you might help someone in pain start to see the light. Promo ending soon…

Whether you are in school or not, the schools are in session, and that means more for some people: 1). Traffic, 2). Rushed schedules, 3). Spreadable diseases, 4). Expenses, 5). Anxiety, 6). Stress, 7). Indigestion, 8). Pain, allergy, sleeping pills, 9). Acnes, 10). Challenges to find time for doctor appointments.

Why not get some all natural treatments at Audubon Acupuncture & Herbs? It’s easy to make appointments here. You will feel the before & after difference within just one hour or less of walking in our door.

From now til Sept. 15th, 2018, get 3 free bags of detox tea with your treatment.* See promo flyer for details.