Breathing, yes of course we do it, if not we’d be dead, obvious isn’t it. But in the far east Breathing techniques have been used for thousands of years. Not only as a means of improving the health and vitality of both the body and mind, but also as a means of connecting to the Higher Spiritual Realms. In the far east the practice is called Qigong and is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There must be a word of warning, to the uninitiated, using Qigong techniques too vigorously or forcibly can cause damage to the heart, lungs or even mind. It is always best to practice these techniques gently, don’t be in a rush, the benefits can last the whole of your life. And for your purposes, it is only the basic techniques that are needed to accumulate Qi (chee or chi) in the body for use by your Inner-Self to help manifest your desired reality. If over time you feel the benefit of these gentle exercises, then that is the time to explore this area in greater detail and to seek adequate instruction.

A Brief History of Qi Qong:

The Chinese developed the idea of life force being Qi, a force that helps maintain and extend life. This type of breath control will allow us to create the necessary extra Qi(chee) our bodies need to increase fitness levels and a clearer mind.

Qi Qong, ‘Qi’ means breath or breath of life and ‘Qong’ means mental control over the body. It is believed that Qi Qong is early breath control practices that became an important part of Chinese medicine. When you yawn, which might be now, seeing how we have mentioned it. Observe how you feel when the yawn has finished, your body will be relaxed, if you had any pain or discomfort, this would be alleviated for a few seconds. This is an example of how the changing of your normal breathing pattern can bring a change to your body conditions.

The Chinese believe it is the disruption of the flow of Qi within the body that causes many diseases and the re-establishment of the Qi (energy) flows that can bring about an upturn in our well being. Using these practices on a daily basis can give us a good platform for strengthening our immune systems.

The use of Qigong increase the amount of ‘chi’ the body can use, for health and spiritual matters. ‘Chi’ can be used by the Inner and Higher-Self to help manifest your desires. Start to breathe deeper when relaxing during the day and see what a difference it can make to how you feel.