Why the US Needs Acupuncture Therapy

If you have ever thought about the medicine techniques that are currently being used by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals throughout the United States then you may have come to the conclusion that the medical field in the United States is the best in the world. On the other hand, you may have come to the conclusion that the United States is lacking something in its medical field that other societies are starting to embrace: acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture therapy has real uses in many societies across the world and there are many reasons why the United States also needs to embrace this change for the future.

Better Treatments

One reason that the United States needs to embrace acupuncture therapy is that there could be the possibility of better treatments for many different illnesses. Not only better treatments, though, are possible, but the possibility of enhanced treatments with the use of acupuncture is there. For example, instead of simply treating chronic illnesses, such as arthritis, with medication, using acupuncture in addition to the medication that is given may also be of a great help to the patients who need it. Consider the fact that the Chinese have used acupuncture in their medicine techniques for thousands of years. When one realizes this then he or she should come to the conclusion that there is always the possibility of better and enhanced treatments with acupuncture.

Outside Influence

The United States makes a great big deal over how they are rarely ever influenced, at least culturally, by any other outside groups. On the other hand, having some influence from other outside groups, such as the Chinese wisdom, may be a good thing for America after all. Choosing to embrace acupuncture therapy is something that should not be treated as taboo, but is something that American researchers need to pour more research and money into. After all, if the United States is able to find out exactly why acupuncture works then there is whole new window of opportunity that has opened up for medical professions in the United States.

More Lives are Saved

Taking the Chinese culture and country as an example, there are thousands of people whose lives are saved on a daily basis because of the acupuncture therapy that is allowed to be practiced in the country. This practice of acupuncture is also widespread, and is something that needs to be done in the United States. Considering how many lives could be saved in the United States should enlighten people on the fact that America does need acupuncture therapy.

All in all, acupuncture could be a great revolution to the United States. However, in order for that to occur the whole society in the United States and medical field needs to be open to great change within the country! As already mentioned, there are plenty of benefits that could be experienced by letting other influences in and acupuncture is just one of those benefits!

Treating Depression with Acupuncture

Many different illnesses are able to be treated using the procedure of acupuncture and one of those illnesses that is able to be easily treated is Depression. Even though Depression is a mental illness and not a physical ailment, the whole process of acupuncture is able to cure almost any mental disorder that the Chinese used back in ancient civilizations to cure. There is no doubt, also, that ancient Chinese individuals and society did suffer from the horrible affects that some people call Depression. Of course, Depression has lots of other names and there are actually many other mental illnesses that should be able to be treated with acupuncture. Aside from Depression, though, many types of anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, along with a whole plethora of other mental illnesses, need to be treated with this revolutionary medicine that has been available in China for the past thousand of years but has just been introduced to the United States in recent decades.

One important issue, thought, that’s important to note when trying to treat Depression or any other mental illness with acupuncture, is the fact that those who undergo the process should have some remote belief that they will be cured. For example, if a person has claimed that they have literally tried everything to overcome their Depression in their life and they don’t believe anything else will help them then chances are that they won’t benefit very much from acupuncture. On the other hand, there are also plenty of people who would more than likely be ready and willing to put their trust in a medicine form that was their last hope to heal their body and mind.

If one is going to use acupuncture in order to treat Depression, though, another good issue to realize is just how acupuncture works on the body in order to heal the mind from its ailments. After all, Depression is not just simply a physical ailment at times but many times it can take over one’s whole mind. In the acupuncture therapy it is believed that the same positive effects that are felt throughout the body are also felt within the mind. Indeed, though, this mindset has worked for many people when treating their Depression and other mental illnesses. Just because negative feelings are left in the mind doesn’t mean that the needles associated with acupuncture is not able to help them.

Furthermore, there have been plenty of individuals all over the world besides China and the Far East countries that have had success with acupuncture therapy. For starters, many people here in the United States have had success with this age-old technique, however, they may be fearful to speak up just because of what others may think. If you have had acupuncture performed on you, though, then you probably already know the positive effects it can have. If you have been suffering from Depression, though, the best thing to do would be to not only seek out an acupuncture therapist, but to witness to other people about the benefits of acupuncture once it has been established that you have truly been healed!

How Acupuncture Can Change You

The “Chi” is what acupuncture is all about. Okay, so there is more to acupuncture therapy than simply muttering the word “Chi,” but the concept of it does have a great deal, if not all to do, with the therapy of the acupuncture way. Ancient Chinese cultures did believe that the “Chi” was found in the body to be the sole energy source in the body, and there were also different energy paths and lines that ran across this “Chi.” Anytime anyone experiences pain it is usually believed that the “Chi” is responsible. By placing plenty of needles along the most precious spots along the paths to the “Chi,” many people in Chinese cultures believe that acupuncture can truly change the body’s perception and response to what is going on inside it and around it.

The Acupuncture Way of Life

One way that acupuncture is supposed to change you, though, if you truly believe in the therapy, is that your whole life will change instantly. Instead of acupuncture being only a form of therapy that you treat yourself to whenever your sick, many people and Chinese professionals in the art and therapy of acupuncture believe that it should truly change your way of life. Instead of looking upon acupuncture as simply a treatment remedy, the whole idea of the therapy should change your life in the way that you go about your job, attend to your family, and even drive down the highway. Just as yoga is meant to teach patience and meditation, so too is acupuncture also believed to instill the practice of relaxation in the body. However, this relaxation technique does need fostering and there are many people who continue to relax themselves everyday, long after they receive acupuncture treatments.

Belief Can Change Everything

There are still others throughout the acupuncture culture who contend that one must actually believe in the therapy for it to start to take effect. Even though this aspect of believing in the art of acupuncture does go along with your way of life, believing in the therapy is certainly the building blocks for letting your trust in the therapy take over. There are many people who already believe ideas about themselves and the world without actually seeing them. Take into consideration that God exists, Heaven and Hell are real, and the Bible or other book of faith is absolute truth. All of these things are rarely able to be seen, but they are still believed. On the other hand, there are still some people who see the positive effects of acupuncture, yet they still do not believe in the therapy. Belief in the system of acupuncture has a great deal to do with whether or not it will work for you!

All in all, though, there are many opponents as well as defenders of the great art and therapy of acupuncture. Many people are on one side of the fence insisting that acupuncture is fake, while those on the opposite side of the fence insist on that the ancient Chinese knew what they were doing when they founded the idea and treatment of acupuncture. In the end, though, it all comes down to personal belief and whether or not one has enough faith in the system to let him or her truly experience the benefit of acupuncture. But while trying to decide whether or not the whole therapy is real, though, just remember that thousands of people have already been cured by the system, and one should try it out before rejecting the whole idea!

Finding Pain Relief Through Acupuncture

Even though there are plenty of ways to treat various ailments in the body, one of the ways that the ancient Chinese believed would benefit everyone is the technique of acupuncture. There are plenty of reasons to believe that acupuncture works, though, and one of the proven ways that acupuncture works is through active pain relief. The reason that the word ‘active’ was put before the phrase ‘pain relief’ is because there are many people who continually experience pain throughout most of their lives. The active pain that they feel within their bodies usually never stops; however painful these bodily ailments can be, though, many people besides the Chinese have found that acupuncture has worked for them. Indeed, acupuncture has been transported to the United States, and it is a very excellent therapy to get involved with.

One of the reasons that people inside the United States and outside feel that acupuncture is a great therapy to deal with pain relief is that there has been so much work done in the Chinese culture as well as in the United States’ culture. For starters, many people with ailing arthritis parts of the body have found that there problems instantly cure and clear up when they have been exposed to acupuncture in one way or another. Furthermore, there are all sorts of people that contend that they ward off chronic pain and any other pain sources they feel through the constant and daily routine and use of acupuncture therapy. Indeed, just as there are massage therapists who can make pain go away through the twisting, pulling, and pushing of the body in its purest form, there are many people that believe that acupuncture has always been the way to cure chronic pain in the body.

Can chronic pain relief be met with the successful treatment of acupuncture, though? Even though there is much evidence that shows that it can be, there are still plenty of people who find that acupuncture therapy just does not work for them. Perhaps an important component of the acupuncture therapy, though, is the belief that this ancient therapy truly does work. This is not to say, however, that the placebo effect is in play in the people who find that acupuncture truly cures their illnesses. On the other hand, ancient Chinese civilizations have always felt that not believing in a certain way of doing something, such as medicine, would indicate that the medicine method would not necessarily be effective for that person.

There have been plenty of studies, however, that show that the Chinese cultures are right in saying that acupuncture does truly work. For starters, the University of Arizona conducted a study just ten years ago that showed how depressed people could get rid of the pain that they felt through using acupuncture therapy. Other than that study, though, there have also been individual and private studies done throughout unofficial research centers that have data to the contrary of anyone who contends that acupuncture is a hoax.

All things considered, though, in order to truly know whether or not acupuncture works for pain relief, though, one must try the therapy for him or herself in order to truly know what works. After all, acupuncture is a physical therapy and the only good way to know is to subject yourself to the treatment first!

Does Acupuncture Help Infertility?

Even though there is truly a laundry list of ailments that the ancient Chinese civilization believed that acupuncture could cure, many people contend that this therapy will not work for everything even though that is what the Chinese cultures used it to do. Infertility is a definite and real issue that many people question whether or not acupuncture will work for. Many people who are troubled by their infertility problems have most likely already tried numerous other alternative therapies and tricks, so there is mainly nothing else to lose. There are many ancient Chinese civilizations and individuals who believed that acupuncture worked for infertility because of the ways that they practiced it. If you are thinking about having a session for your infertility troubles, here are some issues related to infertility that one should think about before getting the treatment done:

Low Sperm Count and Bad Eggs

When one thinks of infertility problems what mainly comes to mind is women who are unable to carry children or impregnate for some reason or another. Even though there are plenty of women with these problems, men also suffer from infertility problems and one area that they suffer from is low sperm count. It is very possible that a man is not able to have children, or very unlikely anyway, because of his low sperm count that Mother Nature dealt him. However, acupuncture is able to cure this through very long needles being pinned throughout the body.

Females are also encouraged to undergo acupuncture because of bad egg problems that they may encounter. There may be unexplained problems with the eggs that they do have, but acupuncture will also cure these eggs. Many times, however, acupuncture requires laying naked on a bed designed for acupuncture, and this is one of the times that it would require doing so. However, acupuncture therapists know how to properly treat infertility and many people have already been cured of the problem.

Ovulation Gone Awry

Another reason that females may have to worry about infertility problems is because one reason or another their ovulation system has gone awry. Even though these problems are horrible and devastating to deal with, many people have already tried the age-old technique of acupuncture to deal successfully with this problem. There are hundreds of professional acupuncturists that are ready to deal with this type of infertility problem.

As far as the actual treating of infertility with acupuncture goes, there are actually several ways that one can go about getting treatments. In other words, there are actually several kinds of acupuncture needles that can be chosen to work the problem. For instance, electrical needles can be used, along with herbal remedies that can be combined to help infertility problems.

All in all, though, it simply depends on the decision of the individual and what he or she wants to do about his or her infertility problems. The issue of infertility can be quite embarrassing for many individuals, but successfully treating these problems with acupuncture is definitely the way to go!

An Alternative to Prescription Drugs: Acupuncture

There are thousands of individuals who are inflicted with physical and mental ailments and many people are diagnosed with these problems every year. What is troubling, though, is the fact that many times these patients are simply given prescription medications to treat the symptoms that they have as though prescription drugs are the miracle workers of society prancing around giving help to anyone who needs it. However, one method that many people don’t give weight to is acupuncture. There are many reasons that even the mention of the alternative therapy of acupuncture may make heads turn, but it seems as though Western society is becoming too dependent as a whole on prescription medications. Everything from Zoloft to Xanax is given to patients in order to treat everything from Major Depression to common viral infections.

However, there needs to be more studies done about the effectiveness of the therapy of acupuncture and how it would eventually be able to help, if not replace, prescription drugs altogether. Just about 10 years ago, though, in 1998, the University of Arizona completed a double-blind study about the effectiveness of acupuncture.

In this study, patients who were suffering from Depression were treated with acupuncture while the other group was subjected to bouts of psychotherapy and prescription medication. In the end of the study by the university, they found that the patients who were inflicted with Depression had most of their symptoms relieved by the therapy of acupuncture. There have been other private studies done since then, however, none large enough that really attracted any authorities in the medical field. But still, the fact that the research at the University of Arizona pointed in the favor of acupuncture, it begs the question of why nothing has been done about it.

Since it has been shown that acupuncture can successfully treat Depression symptoms then there must definitely be more fund money and research that sheds light on the fact and reaches the conclusion that America and Western society must incorporate the therapy of acupuncture more wholly into the treatment of different ailments.

One of the problems with replacing prescription drugs with acupuncture, though, is the fact that prescription drugs are scientifically based. Whereas the effects of prescription drugs can clearly be seen by monitoring the pictures in patient’s brain, acupuncture can not be readily studied, therefore, the physiological affects of such a therapy is not readily embraced. But why does Western society and America in general have a fear of the unknown? Perhaps the reason lies that many people consider their wealth to lie in the information and knowledge that they know.

All in all, though, acupuncture has already been proven to be effective by the thousands of people living in America and Western society who care to learn more about the therapy. It is now time to infiltrate the medical field and bombard all the researchers and physicians with accurate pictures of just how it works, and how it can be an effective way to get rid of the need for prescription drugs!