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Therapy Sessions and Fees
Traditional Chinese Medicine has a variety of natural healing methods that can help you improve and resolve health issues. Everyone is a unique individual and is born with a self-healing ability. Our TCM doctors will assess your symptoms and life style habits and find ways to recharge that self-healing function in your body.

Your initial consultation may last 15-30 minutes. During this time, the doctor will diagnose your symptoms and find the “root” problem (it could be a different diagnosis from what you think you have!). A number of sessions of acupuncture and / or other forms of therapies may be recommended depending on your condition. Simple self-help methods, dietary, and other life-style improvements may also be recommended so the patient can help speed up the recovery process outside of our clinic.

Listed below are our fees for therapy sessions so you can expect the approximate expenditures for your TCM treatments.

*All fees are paid in full at the completion of each treatment session. We accept cash, credit, and debit cards.
*Service receipts can be provided for patients who wish to file claims for their insurance.

Multiple Session Discounts Available for Pre-Paid Acupuncture Sessions 

For general descriptions of each treatment methods, click here.

Initial Consultation       $60 
($30 off if receiving TCM treatment on the same visit.)

Initial Consultation & Acupuncture         $130/ Session
Follow up Acupuncture                           $100/ Session        $90/ Session for 2x Pre-paid
Acupressure                $300/ Session
Cupping                                                  $58/ Session
Gua sha & Moving Cupping        $80/ Session
Electric Heat Therapy                   
$15/ Session
Manual Therapy/ Adjustment                  $50/ Session
Medical Qi Gong & Acupressure         $500/ Session

Chinese Herbal Formula        $8 – $20/ Bag

Herbal Tablets, Extracts, Powders, etc. Price Vary

The following services can be provided with or without TCM consultations, they are performed based on TCM theory and can complement TCM treatments above or provide stress relief to the individual.

Professional Massage Therapy      $55/ 30 Min
     $75/ 60 Min
     $95/ 90 Min
Deep Tissue Massage      $85/ 60 Min

Qi Gong / Tai Chi Class         $12/ 30 Min {451cb9bdd6b9e2862e15979076b10dd5b792f4772bfb4b679a32dd47787626d3}{451cb9bdd6b9e2862e15979076b10dd5b792f4772bfb4b679a32dd47787626d3}